The Highest Safety Rating Vessel in the Whale watching industry

BC Luna has been perfectly designed by Capt. Harold (Owner) for the weather of the west coast. She offers one indoor and one outdoor seating per person. Everyone is impressed by her perfect balance of comfort, safety and speed. Her safety rating is as high as you can possibly have for a vessel, and is Hurricane and Tsunami rated.

BC LUNA is suitable for everyone!


BC LUNA boat layout
BC Luna & Captain Jim Z


BC Luna has over 30 seats with 3 distinct areas to choose from. With only 12 passengers per tour, BC Luna is ideal in terms of comfort and space.

Fewer passengers allows comfort and luxury, always guaranteeing a seat in the dry, heated cabin and the freedom to move around the boat.

LUNA hasn't just been rated #1 by guests but also rated #1 by marine professionals for saftey, comfort and speed

front of the bow looking towards the inside cabin
Inside Cabin looking towards the bow

* Anti-exposure suits are not required *

  • Rated #1 Boat Design (ISO6185-3:200)
  • Popular Zodiac Style, Category B (24 mile Offshore rating)
  • Largest and most spacious 12 passenger vessel
  • Long range and all weather design
  • Ultimate Comfort with three distinctive seating areas:
    • Indoor heated cabin
    • Front- outdoor seating for thrill seekers
    • Back- outdoor seating for a smooth and luxurious ride
  • Freely move between seating areas
  • On-board Washroom
  • Environmentally Friendly Technology
  • Ecologically Designed

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