Partly covered, High Speed Zodiac style vessel

 BC ORCA is not just your average Whale Watching RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) that you see on the West Coast.  Just by looking at it you can tell it is something special, and the experience is unforgettable.

Firstly, BC ORCA has seating for 12 people on the bow of the boat, with space to move around beside the seats.  Secondly, the sealed/heated cabin is smooth and comfortable, allowing people to have the option to change their style of seating throughout their West Coast Experience.  

12 passengers maximum on each trip with complete unobstructed views!!

It even has a private HEATED WASHROOM onboard!

BC ORCA in Victoria, BC
 BC ORCA ~ Victoria, BC

 The Most Exciting aspect of BC ORCA is the hull design.  Capt. Harold designed a double side-stepped hull for BC ORCA, which allows less surface area of the hull to be in contact with the water's surface.  This reduces the drag allowing the boat to go faster on less power, which greatly reducing our carbon emissions.

This reduces our Enivronmental Impact by using less fuel per trip, whilst providing all passengers with a safe, high speed, fun West Coast Experience of a lifetime!

 Having fun on BC ORCA




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