If you want a vessel that is high speed with perfect unobstructed viewing and with a lot of space to move around so you are not stuck in your seat then BC TIKA is the one!

This open style zodiac model is the first of its kind, being twice as long as any other zodiac model to date, but with the extra length makes this open zodiac incredibly smooth in all weather conditions!  Perfect for filming and photographer with an amazing platform.  She has been charted out by numerous film & documentary crews.

The other modification that this vessel has is that it seats 2 people per seat, whereas other zodiac models sit 3 people per seat. This creates a huge walkway around the boat allowing our passengers to move around the entire vessel throughout the tour!

BC TIKA and Pacific White Sided Dolphins (lags), black zodiac


only 12 passengers maximum on each trip.

BC TIKA on the water, black zodiac

What else makes BC TIKA so unique? It's speed! Twin Yamaha 350hp F series on the back and the newly designed hull make it one of the FASTEST BOATS ON THE WEST COAST!

The name TIKA itself is a local indigenous word meaing "swift". Also, one of our beloved local Resident Orcas is named Tika - K33, a young male in K Pod. We felt this was the perfect name for the latest vessel in our ever growing fleet.

The private washroom is very spacious - over 7ft in height - and is the most spacious washroom on any zodiac.

black zodiac boats, black rib

black zodiac, black rib

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