Captain Harold

BC Whale Tours' Crew


Captain Harold ~ Owner & Boat Desinger

Captain Harold is a certified marine naturalist and animal advocate with over 15 years of experience educating passengers about our three local family pods of killer whales. 

Harold has over 30,000 hours accredited to him as a seasoned mariner, a vast knowledge of the local waters, marine life, and coastal history. His animated spirit and passion towards the local marine wildlife, along with his many travel adventures, will ensure an enriched whale watching adventure.

Captain/Marine Biologist Tom, BC Whale Tours


Captain Tom ~ Sales & Operations Manager

An internationally qualified and experienced Marine Biologist, Tom has worked throughout Australia and Vancouver Island with various research and environmental conservation groups. Most recently, he has been working on the Great Barrier Reef via Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, educating and inspiring visitors about the beauty and complexity of the reef systems. When he isn't in Victoria educating people about the beauty of the West Coast, Tom can be found leading marine mammals expeditions around the world with Big Fish Expeditions.

As a Dive Master, he has great firsthand experience and knowledge of marine ecosystems through his countless interactions with the marine wildlife in their natural environment. His passion for the conservation of the marine world is both engaging and contagious as he inspires all of those on board.


Captain Jimmy Z, BC Whale Tours

Captain Jim

Jim is an internationally acclaimed Marine Biologist in orca behaviour and conservation. He has been driving zodiacs for 18 years and loves the diverse wildlife in the waters around Vancouver Island. Jim has a great personality to go along with his extensive knowledge of marine life. 


When Jim isn't driving around the local waters of Vancouver Island, chances are he's exploring one of the most extreme places on Earth -- Antarctica. As an experienced captain, he also has the uncanny ability to locate whales. Jim makes every whale watching tour an excursion of a lifetime.

Captain Rod, BC Whale Tours

Captain Rod

Former vice president of the Whale Watching Association Northwest, Rod has over 16 years of whale watching experience and extensive local knowledge from local bird life to secluded inlets.

Rod is a Transport Canada approved 60 tonne Master Mariner. He is a founding member of the West Coast Anti-Whaling Society and is a certified marine mammal naturalist. Ask any question and you are sure to get a detailed and accurate reply.


Captain Mike, BC Whale Tours


Captain Mike

With over 10 years of marine experience, Mike is a skipper, marine wildlife naturalist, eco-adventure-guide, dive instructor, and musician. He has worked around the world, travelling as far as Australia and Antarctica, and played an integral role in an unprecedented research expedition, photographing and tagging whales in the waters of Antarctica. He loves being on the water and is happy to share his knowledge of marine life.


Captain Gordon


Captain Gordon

Gord grew up in Victoria and has been exploring the coastline of Vancouver Island since the early 1980s. He first explored the coast through sailing and was a sea cadet sailing instructor for many years. He then moved into the world of commercial diving and worked in the local waters of the West Coast, where he had countless first hand encounters with just about every kind of marine life Vancouver Island has to offer. Gordon moved to Vancouver and worked at many Electronic Dance Music (E.D.M) events as a nationally-known VJ and favourite local DJ. When Gordon and his family returned to Victoria, he was drawn back to the ocean and marine explorartion, one of his greatest passions. He is now one of BC Whale Tours' Captains, where he constantly shares his passion and experience with everyone he encounters.






Marine Biologist Claire, BC Whale Tours


Claire is an aspiring Marine Toxicologist, currently pursuing a degree in Microbiology and Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria. After graduating, she is considering a masters degree in killer whale toxicology. 

While Claire is intensely passionate about the whales and the environment, she also loves photographing the wildlife she comes in contact with. She enjoys sharing her experiences with passengers and works to make sure everyone has the best trip possible - one to remember for a lifetime!










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