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Meet the crew


Our dedicated and passionate crew members are internationally qualified and experienced captains and marine biologists.  Their passion for the ocean world has taken many of them to work in other places from the Antarctic, Australia, Norway and the Arctic to name a few.  Their love for the ocean world is clearly evident by the way they discuss conservational issues that are greatly affecting the marine systems.  If it something you love to do then it never feels like work... read more about the crew of BC Whale Tours

The Beginning

Captain Harold’s motivation was not only to create an eco-friendly whale watching company, but to educate locals and international visitors alike. The company and its philosophy have been designed and built on decades of experience. BC Whale Tour’s dedication to quality is reflected in the fleet. The first vessel built, BC Luna, was completed in early 2010 and immediately received positive attention and reviews; BC Orca and BC Tika are no different.

Captain Harold has dedicated himself to the preservation of the Pacific Northwest and has created a team of internationally qualified biologists and remarkably experienced skippers, all of whom are as passionate and inspired by the area as he is. Vancouver Island is a magnificent place, home to several endangered species; crew members thoroughly enjoy recounting their own experiences with wildlife and sharing facts about the various animals inhabiting the area.

Why choose BC Whale Tours?

We know the ins and outs of the marine tourism industry. Learn about our vessels and engines and find out what makes BC Whale Tours superior to all other companies.


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What drives us?

We are a small, family run business and believe the best way to protect the whales is to offer passengers an inspiring and educational encounter. Captain Harold believes in reducing the immediate impact on the whales and other wildlife, which lead him to create the BC Whale Tours mission statement:

"To provide a premium whale watching experience with the lowest impact on the environment and wildlife."

With the latest in hull design and state-of-the-art engines developed specifically to reduce noise and carbon emissions, BC Whale Tours ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in all weather conditions and guarantees the lowest carbon footprint without the purchase of carbon off-sets of any other whale watching vessel in Canada.

Powered vessels are the only viable option for marine based whale watching. BC Whale Tours has a responsibility to invest in and meticulously maintain the latest eco-friendly technology.


What's next for BC Whale Tours?

While continuing to maintain the highest standards in the whale watching industry, BC Whale Tours plans to expand tours beyond local Victoria. The 360 Island Tour circumnavigates the 3,400 kms of Vancouver Island, increasing exposure to the raw wilderness of British Columbia and thus increasing awareness and conservation efforts.


The 360 Island Tour - CLICK HERE for information and details







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